Low Island

A flight of 85 km!

Fly over Los Gigantes cliffs and discover the fishing villages off south of the island. Hover over the north of the island and let it brathtake you with its beautiful green nature.

About this ticket

  • Duration: 35-40 minutes
  • Print your ticket or bring it on your mobile phone
  • Car park is available
  • Pay online
  • Must bring ID on the flight day
  • 85 km tour

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All the information you need

  • This tour has a duration of approximately 35-40 minutes.
  • You must bring you identification card or passport.
  • In order to properly distribute the helicopter’s passenger load, it is obligatory for people of over 110 kilos to book two seats. The second seat costs only 50% of the tour price.
  • Unless you book the helicopter exclusively as a private flight, you will share the flight with other passengers. We try to put couples and families together whenever possible. The seating in the cabin will be distributed appropriately to properly balance the weight (mass), using the aircraft’s specifications chart. Visibility is excellent. All seats have a direct view through the windows to the landscape.
  • The temperature inside the helicopter is the same as outside, so dress comfortably and bring a sweater or jacket in case it’s cool.

The organization has a highly qualified team, with years of experience flying helicopters. In addition, it has two helicopters in its fleet. Jet Ranger Bell 206 It is a single-turbine helicopter with a maximum capacity of 4 passengers (plus the pilot). It is a very comfortable ship and ideal for short and medium distance trips. Robinson R44 This helicopter has a closed cabin in which there are two rows of seats on each side, in which there is space for the pilot and three passengers. This is a single-engine ship that has a two-blade semi-rigid (the main rotor), plus a twin-bladed tail rotor and landing gear gear.

The Low Island is a 85 km tour, the most beautiful tour we have to offer. This is the Route you will fly:

  • Adeje
  • Playa San Juan
  • Alcalá
  • Puerto de los Gigantes
  • Acantilado de los Gigantes
  • Santiago del Teide
  • Golf Buenavista

This tour will let you see the contrast of the beautiful Island of Tenerife, the romantic fishing villages of La Caleta, Alcalá and Puerto San Juan. On the other hand the breathtaking  300-600m high cliffs of Los Gigantes, then fly over astonishing landscape Buenavista del  Norte has to offer with predominantly green and orchestra colors. On this unique tour you will also see the Millennium Drago tree which is 1000 years old. And to complete the helicopter tour we will continue over the Corona Forestal and the Teide National Parks overlooking their magnificence.

From the time of reservation until 48 hours before your flight, you will be charged 50 % of the booked flight .

With less than 48 hours before your flight , you will be charged 100% of the value. 

Masca is beautiful, and even more if you fly over the breathtaking views! The Helicopter was very confortable.
David Meaney

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