Loro Parque

Tenerife´s MUST! Best Zoo in the WORLD

Loro Parque

Loro Parque is a theme park named as the best zoo in the world which has a collection of privately owned tropical plants. You can see four types of animals in this park: mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. This magnificent park has several shows, among them are: Loro show, Orca ocean, Sea lions, Dolphinarium and Naturavision. Also discover its amazing Aquarium and Planet Penguin.


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General Ticket

This ticket allows you to visit Loro Park and discover all its beautiful species and fauna.


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General Ticket + Lunch

Enjoy Loro Park with your lunch included in one of its self- service restaurants while you explore the animals.



Twin Ticket

Perfect combination to enjoy Tenerife´s MUST. Visit Loro Park and Siam Park with one ticket for the best price!


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Premium Ticket

Includes the Discovery Tour, to explore Loro Parks´s secrets, reserved seats at the shows and lunch at the Patio of Loro Self-service restaurant.



General Ticket + Lunch at Steakhouse

The best ticket combination for the meat lovers! Explore Loro Park and have lunch at its Steakhouse overlooking the sea by their 9 meter window.



Diamond Ticket

If you want to discover Loro Park in a luxury way, this is your ticket! It includes VIP seats at shows, the Discovery tour and lunch at Brunelli´s steakhouse included.
Very good experience at Loro Park, I recommend the Twin Ticket. Its one ticket for both parks and is very comfortable.
Sophia González

Loro Park's Shows

The shows that Loro Park perform are the following


Parrot Show

As part of the conservation program that the park has, there is an enormous family of birds inside the facilities that, given the danger of extinction in which they find themselves, make life and have exhibits to the public, where their ability to imitate the voice of humans. Schedules of the show: 10:25 – 11:50 – 13:30 – 15:00 – 16:00 – 17:30



Loro Park has a dolphinarium in which a large number of cetaceans of this species reside, within very modern facilities that allow the optimal development of these animals. It was inaugurated in 1987 and is one of the main attractions for visitors to the park, since they tend to be amazed by the exhibits that the dolphins give. Schedules of the show: 11:00 – 13:15 – 14:45 – 16:00


Orca Ocean

Installation in which the 6 orcas of the park live in, it is considered the most innovative and modern installation in the world for this purpose. On the premises, exhibitions are held so that the public can enjoy the skills of these marine animals. Schedules of the show: 11:45 – 14:00 – 16:45



Vision room dedicated to environmental awareness, which is located under the dome of park mirrors. It is equipped with a high definition projector in which important films and documentaries of ecological / nature films are released. Schedules of the show: 11:45 – 14:45 – 17:15

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Animals of Loro Parque

As for the animals that you will find in the park, among the mammals are chimpanzees, lions, hippos, dolphins, gorillas, jaguars, sea lions, marmosets, otters, killer whales, anteaters, sloths, meerkats, tigers , red pandas and capibaras. On the other hand, among the birds are: Flamingos, cranes, parrots, penguins and swans. In the aquarium you will find jellyfish, carp and more than 100 different species in 12 aquarium exhibitions. Finally among the reptiles are crocodiles, iguanas and turtles. The following are the most famous animals in this park


Pole Pole

Gorilla that has housed the park since 1992 as part of the program of the European EPP program, which protects animals in danger of extinction.



Orca arrived in 2010, after rescuing her from dying in Lake Waden and nowadays she shares habitat with others of her species.



This orca was born in 2004 at SeaWorld Orlando (she is 14 years old) and was transferred to Loro Park in 2006, known for the skills she shows in her shows.



Gorilla over 40 years old, which is an uncommon age in this species. He has been living in the park for several years and stands out for his patient, slow and noble character.

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Exhibitions of Loro Parque


Thai Town

Greater Thai town outside of Thailand, in which the traditional architecture of the Asian country is recreated. As a curious fact about the Thai people, people brought directly from Thailand worked in the construction of the same. It should be noted that Wolfgang Kiessling (architect of the site) needed to ask permission to the royal family of Thailand to carry out the construction of it.



Aviary of macaws inaugurated in 2011 in tribute to the inhabitants of the South American jungle. The enclosure (of great size), is full of vegetation and is themed in the American jungle. In which are different species of macaws such as: Flag, Military, Aliverdes, Blue Beard, Sun Parakeets.



Vergel in which you can find 200 species of orchids from Europe, which are watered with demineralized water for optimal care.


Porcelain museum

The museum of porcelain parrots gathers a collection of artwork made by great masters. Johann Joachim Kaendler stands out in the exhibition, who developed modeling perfection during 40 years at the Meissen factory.


Zen garden

This is a submerged garden that has as purpose to move the visitor to the mountain ranges of the Asian mountains. This is the first garden of its kind that is built and has an air to the atlántida (the submerged city). The same has been built with the technique of “aquascaping”



Space for children of maximum security in which you can climb the trees, slides and hanging bridges. Kinderlandia has the first roller coaster of the Canary Islands. Jungle Ara It is the oldest area of ​​Loro Park, which is located off Katandra Treetops. It stands out for being very rich in vegetation. In the place there are many species of trees, which create an enjoyable ecosystem together with the humidity of the environment, the sound of its waterfalls and the different species of macaws that there are.

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Baby Station

It is an enclosure that is inside the Animal Embassy, ​​it aims to teach about the care of parrot pups that are born in the area. There is also a clinical area, as well as a laboratory in which the analysis of the animals as well as the water in the park is shown.


Katandra Treetops

Park whose first name means birdsong in the native Australian language, as on the other hand treetops is the way in which usually treetops are called. In this free flight aviary you can find hundreds of birds of different species and subspecies such as: Loris, Cacatuas, Emus, among others.


Lion’s Kingdom

The Lion’s Kingdom is an enclosure that has been built to recreate the natural habitat of the lions that make life in the park. There are arid shrubs, a small river and lake to refresh themselves, as well as a promontory rock so that the lions can rest from the sun. The animals in the park are part of a subspecies of Angola that is very threatened by illegal hunting and high population growth.


Planet Penguin

Largest penguin Antarctica and polar climate set in the world in . The facilities of Planet Penguin are considered the best human reproduction of the natural life conditions of penguins. In it you can find real snow, a large iceberg and hundreds of penguins.



Twelve thematic exhibitions totaling 1,200,000 liters of water, which is obtained directly from the Atlantic Ocean. In the case of freshwater exhibits, reverse osmosis systems are used, which help eliminate impurities and salt from the water.



Underwater show with hundreds of jellyfish of different colors and fluorescence. This exhibition is designed to discover the details about these marine creatures, as well as to appreciate sharks with black and white tips, as well as multicolored tropical fish.

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